Tips and Suggestions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Parents with Special Needs Children

Parents and caregiver that are raising a child with special needs or a disability are faced with unique challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic . With stay at home orders and social distancing being promoted as the best way to avoid transmission it is even more important to self care and comfort your child. Since schools are closed and many social events cancelled, here are some useful tips to help during the Covid-19 pandemic;

Self- care

Stay connected Virtually!! Shelter in place does not mean isolation. Connect with friends,          family and love ones using text, video chat and social media to stay engaged.

Do not be too hard on yourself– It is normal to feel overwhelmed especially when the needed        help may not be available during these times. Take short breaks and focus on what can help you feel restored and relax.

Seek Help– Although we may not be able to meet in person there are a lot of amazing support groups that offers virtual support. Be sure to check out organization that can give you and your child support like .

Be Ready Although we hope everyone stay safe and healthy, be prepared with a plan just in case you become ill. It is important that you have a plan for secondary care for your child such as a family member or close friend. This provides a sense of security and reassurance.

Comfort Your child 

Stay Calm. With a change a daily life it is important to practice calming behaviors. Create and introduce coping and calming activities to your child.

Create Routine. If your child’s previous schedule has been interrupted, create a new routine for your child. This can help them feel more secure and it is a great way to introduce new behaviors such as hand-washing or other behaviors that supports social distancing.

Be Compassionate. Acknowledge and validate their feelings of discomfort. They might feel discomfort, anxiety or pain with not going to school, seeing their friend and not having access to needed equipment or technology that assist with their special needs or disability.

Show them extra love. Parents are now wearing the hats of employee, teacher, caregiver, cook and so many more, we encourage parents to remind your child of the unconditional love and joy of spending extra time with them.

Help your child talk about their feelings. Encourage your child to discuss their feelings. Connect with teachers and other parent to connect students through texting, phone calls and video chatting.

Parent and caregivers please be sure to take care of your self and your child. Stay connected with friends, families and loved ones as much as possible, stay informed, talk to your child and other family members about Covid-19, check in with your child’s school, teachers and therapist and  be sure to staying connected to your child’s health care provided for best and safe practices to obtain needed equipment, supplies or medications.

COVID-19 Virus Watch

We are in this together.

Dear families, patients, and caregivers, 

On behalf of our entire YCC family, we would like to extend our appreciation to all of you for placing your trust in our services, as we are always working to serve you with the clinical excellence that you deserve, especially in delicate moments like the one we are living in.

That said, we would like to address all the concerns arriving from the outbreak of the 2019 Corona-virus (COVID-19) and to detail the steps we are taking to preserve the health of all of our YCC members, including office staff, clinical team, field caregivers, medically fragile patients, seniors, and families.


We want to assure you that we are closely monitoring all the guidance provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). However, so that we can strongly prevent any cases of contagion and follow the CDC recommendations to avoid crowds of people, we dispersed our departments to perform their duties from home.

This preventive measure has no impact on the routine of excellent care that we serve for our patients since all departments, including Clinical Leadership, Scheduling Team, and Human Resources are still available and all calls will be redirected and answered normally.


“Is it safe to let healthcare providers into my house?”
Yes. Our YCC Caregivers are licensed professionals and trained to respond quickly to emergencies, which include recognizing the symptoms of the COVID-19 if necessary, as well as offering the services and care that our patients need and always following the safety instructions recommended by the U.S Center for Diseases Control (CDC).

We are taking every step to plan for any contingency and we don’t forecast interruption of services. As your partner, it is important to remind you that the care we provide to your loved one is ordered by your doctor. Help us maintain this important consistency and continuity of care.


World Health Organization (WHO)

CDC Guidelines


  • Please visit the U.S Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) website: HTTPS://WWW.CDC.GOV/ for live updates regarding the Corona-virus (COVID-19).
  • Do not hesitate to contact us at 404-479-1008 as all of our representatives will gladly assist you.