A Guide to In-Home Care Options for Veterans in Atlanta

The VA offers many services and benefits for veterans including medical services. These medical services include both hospital services and in-home care. But for veterans who need assistance at home, it can be difficult to understand what in-home services include and how to go about obtaining services. Here’s an overview of what veterans in Atlanta, Georgi should know about their in-home care options.

What In-Home Care Benefits Are Available to Veterans?

Veterans who are eligible for community care can receive skilled nursing care, homemaker, or home health aide services at their home. The purpose of having a nurse, home health aide or, homemaker is to help veterans who are struggling to do activities of daily living (ADLs), are experiencing isolation, or who already have a caregiver that is stressed or overwhelmed and needs some assistance. read more

How a Katie Beckett Waiver Help Children Receive In-Home Care in Georgia

How a Katie Beckett Waiver Help Children Receive In-Home Care in Georgia?

Children with complex medical conditions require frequent interventions and care. Receiving these services at home is more comfortable for the child and easier for the family. The Katie Beckett Waiver allows families to receive care at home rather than in an institutional setting. This post explains what the Katie Beckett Waiver is, how it helps families receive services, and how it can help with respite care.

What is the Katie Beckett Waiver? read more

At Home Living Assistance Helps Families Find Peace of Mind

At Home Living Assistance Helps Families Find Peace of Mind

When a loved one is struggling to live alone, it can be stressful for the whole family. At home living assistance services from Your Choice Caregivers can help ease that stress and help your family find peace of mind.

Our living assistance services are designed to provide the compassionate care that your loved ones need to continue living independently at home. Many seniors find that aging brings with it struggles they perhaps didn’t anticipate. Whether it’s keeping up with the housekeeping, making the decision to stop driving, or needing help with hygiene needs, it can be hard for seniors to ask for help. read more

Home Care Assessment

Performing a Home Care Assessment

Associate performing a Home Care Assessment

A complete home care assessment is an essential step when coordinating care for a loved one. At Your Choice Caregivers, our home care assessments are an essential part of our approach to home care. Before starting care, we meet with every potential client for an in-depth discussion of their care needs. This allows us to carefully tailor our services to each client’s specific care concerns and challenges.

If you’re considering home care for a family member, it can be difficult to assess your loved one’s care needs on your own. Our care specialists typically have years of experience in performing home care assessments, making it possible for us to zero in on the specific care concerns of aging and disabled individuals. Without that kind of professional background, family caregivers can feel like they’re left without a road map when trying to set up care for a loved one. This can make it difficult to know when home care is needed and what level of care your loved one needs. read more

Choose your Caregiver

Choose Your Caregiver by Your Choice Caregivers

When you hire in-home care for a loved one, it’s important you have full confidence in the caregiver who is provided. Your Choice Caregivers makes this process more personalized by offering a program that allows families to have an important role in choosing their caregivers. This specialized program can play a big part in making your loved one’s care a success.

At Your Choice Caregivers, we know that any successful care plan comes down to finding the right caregiver for every client. With Choose Your Caregiver, we’ve made sure that you can find the right care provider for your loved one. read more

Easy Chair Exercises for Seniors that improves balance & strength

Falls do not have to be a fact of life – exercising can make you stronger and fitter. No fancy equipment needed, just pull up a chair! A proven way to help prevent falls and slips are with simple exercises. The exercises below can be done to improve balance and strength. Please be safe, use a sturdy chair that do not have wheels and use assistance if needed or required by your physician. Please consult your physician before attempting the following exercises.                               
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Tips and Suggestions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Parents with Special Needs Children

Parents and caregiver that are raising a child with special needs or a disability are faced with unique challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic . With stay at home orders and social distancing being promoted as the best way to avoid transmission it is even more important to self care and comfort your child. Since schools are closed and many social events cancelled, here are some useful tips to help during the Covid-19 pandemic;

Self- care

Stay connected Virtually!! Shelter in place does not mean isolation. Connect with friends,          family and love ones using text, video chat and social media to stay engaged. read more

COVID-19 Virus Watch

We are in this together.

Dear families, patients, and caregivers, 

On behalf of our entire YCC family, we would like to extend our appreciation to all of you for placing your trust in our services, as we are always working to serve you with the clinical excellence that you deserve, especially in delicate moments like the one we are living in.

That said, we would like to address all the concerns arriving from the outbreak of the 2019 Corona-virus (COVID-19) and to detail the steps we are taking to preserve the health of all of our YCC members, including office staff, clinical team, field caregivers, medically fragile patients, seniors, and families. read more