About Us

About Us

Your Choice Caregivers is a leading provider of in-home, health care services serving the Atlanta area. Families trust us to deliver affordable, compassionate care to help loved ones continue living independently at home safety and securely. 

We’re Your Advocate

We go above and beyond to ensure that you have the right plans in place.

We Take Quality Seriously

Our sole purpose is to give you and your family the best quality care available

We're Professionals

Our values are to be on time, dressed appropriately and ready to work every day.

Our story

In 2018, our two like-minded partners decided to start Your Choice Caregivers, with the sole focus on changing the lives of under-served medically fragile families, caseworkers and caregivers. We believe due to this unwavering focus YCC has grown rapidly in Georgia. Our growth is a testament to our dedication to our families and employees — and we’re just getting started.

We keep our operations centralized out of a single office in metro Atlanta on purpose. It enables us to streamline communication to our valued families as well as to our nurses and CNAs in the field. Our humble beginnings allowed us to start the business from the bedside of the kiddos we care for, and riding along with our trusted caregivers. Our perspective of the business is not that of a major healthcare corporation but that of a hometown business that cares about our families and the communities we serve.


Locally Owned and Managed by People Who Care

All decisions are made right here in Atlanta by owners who care about quality-of-life for your family member. We are committed 24/7 to having your special person live and function in their residence at the highest possible level. We’re easy to reach with a local care coordinator available by phone at (404) 479-1008.

Licensed Nurse Caregivers

Your Choice Caregivers has a large pool of Georgia-licensed RN’s, LPN’s and CNA’s to select from to find the perfect person to take care of your loved one. All employees must pass background checks, work experience verification, state licensing requirements and medical tests before being allowed into your home. Caregivers are supervised by a licensed RN ensuring peace of mind and reduced stress.

What Separates Us

We know that every person has different needs. We take the time to get to know you to understand your situation and provide only the best possible care by our caregivers to maintain the independence and dignity of your loved one.

Your Choice Caregivers is not a franchise business and never suggests a cookie cutter solution to your family’s needs. We do not “pipeline” our families. Nor do we pay expensive franchise fees or monthly royalty checks, which makes home health care more affordable for everyone.

Caring Makes a Difference

Call Your Choice Caregivers at (404) 479-1008 to learn more about our home care services in the metro Atlanta area and 10 surrounding counties. Our knowledgeable, responsive staff is available to answer questions any time, including after hours.

We could be the answer you’re looking for!