Caring for Medically Fragile Children During COVID-19: Hiring Caregivers and Support During a Pandemic

Finding trained and trusted caregivers is a challenge in normal times. But in a pandemic, it is infinitely more difficult. Your Choice Caregivers is dedicated to helping families receive the care and support that they need while following all the required precautions and more for COVID-19. This post covers the policy that we use for our families in Georgia.

Maintaining Separation

One of the significant concerns’ families have when hiring a caregiver during the pandemic is if the caregiver is seeing multiple clients. Your Choice Caregivers assigns caregivers to see one client and that is it. The assigned caregiver will not take on another client during the duration of the pandemic. If the assigned caregiver is unable to make their shift, a secondary caregiver will be sent, and that person will not see other clients.

In addition, there is no overlap between our staff that visits and works in hospital settings and those who work with clients at home to guard against risks of exposure.

Following CDC Guidelines

Your Choice Caregivers follows all CDC guidelines and recommendations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes basics such as:

  1. Frequent hand washing.
  2. Wearing a mask while inside the home and working with a child.
  3. Wearing gloves.
  4. Getting a flu shot.
  5. Maintaining a safe distance between the caregiver and other members of the household during shifts.
  6. Keeping conversations necessary to reduce respiratory droplets.
  7. Cleaning surfaces touched.

Every caregiver also goes through a daily symptom screening before going to work. If any member of staff presents with symptoms of illness, they are required to quarantine for 14 days. Any supplies that the caregiver uses like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer will be stored in a container in the home, exclusively for use with the client and their family. Our caregivers will also use any opportunities to ventilate the care space as much as possible.

Your Choice Caregivers is committed to assisting and protecting our clients throughout the duration of this pandemic. To learn more about how to obtain our services or to know more about how we serve our families, reach out to us today at 404-479-1008