How a Katie Beckett Waiver Help Children Receive In-Home Care in Georgia

How a Katie Beckett Waiver Help Children Receive In-Home Care in Georgia?

Children with complex medical conditions require frequent interventions and care. Receiving these services at home is more comfortable for the child and easier for the family. The Katie Beckett Waiver allows families to receive care at home rather than in an institutional setting. This post explains what the Katie Beckett Waiver is, how it helps families receive services, and how it can help with respite care.

What is the Katie Beckett Waiver?

A child in the 1980s named Katie Beckett was hospitalized for a medical condition and her doctors determined that she could receive treatment at home with the appropriate resources after discharge. Since her parents’ insurance had reached its limits, Medicaid coverage kicked in and it would only cover care provided in an institution, even though the cost was more than home care. Katie’s mother argued that this was a bad policy and advocated for change. It led to Congress passing the Katie Beckett Waiver, which has helped over half a million children since it was implemented.

How Does Katie Beckett Help Families in Georgia?

Katie Beckett helps children under 21 receive services such as therapies, doctors’ visits, in-home care, supplies, and medical equipment like they would under Medicaid. Also known as a deeming waiver, the waiver looks at the level of care a child needs and not their diagnosis or family income. The waiver acts as secondary insurance for the child, covering the services that the child’s primary private insurance won’t pay for.

The Katie Beckett program is intended for families who do not qualify for Medicaid because of income limits. It is meant for children who have a good prognosis but require a high level of care.

Katie Beckett and Respite Care

Families approved for Katie Beckett are eligible to receive respite care services. Respite care providers send in-home caregivers to your home to help temporarily care for a child and give the family respite. Respite care is a solution for family caregivers who need to go to appointments, run errands, or work.

If you are a family caregiver who needs respite care in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and have Katie Beckett, reach out to Your Choice Caregivers. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process of obtaining services.